The Secret Stuff About Having A Baby

Ok…so there are about 10,000 things people don’t tell you about having a baby. I don’t know why people keep this shit secret because it needs to be public information!!


Here are a few these are completely out of order and I am just typing as I think of things:

  • This is hard as shit – this whole parent game.
  • Baby teeth go up and down in their gums and it is painful for everybody – think about little tiny daggers fucking up your gums mainly while you sleep and tell me you are happy about it!
  • The baby blues are real as shit and it is nothing to be ashamed of. I felt like a huge turd and that I would end up being a terrible mom those first couple of weeks. I cried more in that time than I have in my entire life – I even had my husband scared to go to work. Everything worked out for me but if you need professional help…go get it! It doesn’t make you any less of a mama.
  • Sometimes lactation consultants are “nazis.” I don’t mean that in the literal term so please don’t get all politically correct on me and get pissed. Breast is NOT best…Fed is BEST. If your baby is hungry please feed them in whatever way works for you. This was part of my baby blues. My lactation consultants made feel feel like breast was THE ONLY WAY…thank God for my OBGYN. She helped me so much and I ended up EP-ing (exclusively pumping). It worked great for us and my husband was able to help and feed out babe.
  • BREATHE!! Everything will be OK even if you don’t think so right now. Sleep will eventually come….Eventually. Your baby doesn’t hate you – they love you!

Just a short and sweet list – there are so many more but this is what I have to give you now.

Please provide suggestions below or share your own secrets that were kept from you!


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